Giving you access to your tenancy information 24/7

We pride ourselves for being at the forefront of technology and are able to provide our tenants with information on their tenancy at their fingertips using ‘My Property File’

My Property File will give you instant access via an App or online to all of your tenancy information including Tenancy Agreement and Receipts.

My Property File enables our tenants to report maintenance issues via the app, getting issues resolved quickly and phone call free. As one of our tenants, you can now report maintenance issues in a few simple steps, either online or through the My Property File app which is available for free download on the app store. You’ll also be able to access all of your important documents such as your tenancy agreement and get updated with notifications throughout your tenancy with us.

  • 24-Hour maintenance issue reporting and access to all of your important documents
  • Notifications of important updates and upcoming dates
  • Your own dashboard which shows all of your updates
  • 24-Hour advice and guidance

My Property File Maintenance Reporting FAQ’s

Can I report maintenance issues by calling the office?

Our new My Property File maintenance reporting system is simple to use and helps speed up the process of resolving the issue, so we do ask that you report any issues through the system. Issues can either be reported online by clicking here (Agent inserts link) or through the app which can be downloaded for free from the app store.

I have an urgent issue, should I call the office?

My Property File will help you to identify if an issue is urgent and advise on how to proceed.

Will I be updated on the progress of my issue?

Yes, My Property File will keep you informed with updates regarding the repair, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when.

What if I can’t report an issue for some reason?

If you are struggling to use the app or online maintenance reporting system, please contact our office.