This will always be the 64 million dollar question … (or something along those lines!) … do you look at reviews ? (we have many!), do you consider fees (of course you will) do you look at who is prominent locally (we always have a large market share) is customer service important (we pride ourselves on this)

Here’s our take on it as we offer you our unique, individual and bespoke service that may be just what you are looking for.

Is fee/commission the only consideration?

Taking into consideration recent verified statistics looking at the online model v traditional estate agents this makes interesting reading.

Should I get more than one agent in.

Absolutely would be our advice, three would be advisable. Us and two others !

What’s the most important fee/commission or price?

Fee always seems be a hot topic but without being smart or a know all the following may be worth considering. Agent 1 sells your property for £295,000 and charges a fee of £1500 … you as the client are left with £293,500. Agent 2 (this could very well be us) sells your property for £297,500 and charges (as an example*) £3000. You the client are left with £294,500. £1000 more for you!! OK it may not always work out this way but it demonstrates that low fees may not always be the answer.

Local expert v National expert

There is no stand out winner here, but our independent local knowledge and understanding of our market gives us an advantage when it comes down to negotiating the best price for you. We care, and the local market is our passion and our area of expertise. We are not looking to rule the world … just the local area !

Its all about being looked after.

Selling your property is one thing … there’s a lot more to consider. How will I deal with the property I want to buy ? who will deal with the solicitors? How do you choose a solicitor? Who do talk to when the stresses are getting to me, how do I deal with the agents I am buying from ?

There’s a lot to consider when you are thinking of selling your home or an investment property. Our service is purely based on results NO SALE NO FEE with nothing to pay in advance, so there will be no disappointment, only delight when we sell your property for the best price and assist you every step of the way.

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